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Technical characteristics

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Natural stone deposit, from which KREMIT stone is extracted, presents a part of limestone masiff dating back to Upper Cretaceous geologic period, which covers an area of approximately 50 square kilometres.Limestones inside this masiff are well-banked with homogeneous composition and quality. Our KREMIT stone is exceptionally decorative, can be polished to a high gloss, possesses a creamy and uniform color permeated with calcite veins, and unsurprisingly the name KREMIT is derived from its color, as “krem” translates into “cream”.

In addition to its appearance, KREMIT stone is also adorned by its favorable technical characteristics.KREMIT stone has low water absorption, is frost resistant and has exceptionally good abrasive resistance.

Real density – 2710 kg/m3

Compressive strength – 211 MPa

Flexural strength – 9.4 MPa

Water absorption – 0.1 %

Compressive strength in water-saturated state – 209 MPa

Abrasive resistance – 16.33 cm3/50cm2 Böhme abrasion loss

Total porosity – 0.2%