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Our story

Kremnice Ltd was founded in 2008. with the aim of extracting natural stone.After detailed geological surveying, location designated under name Rudine (Kremnice), adjacent to the village of Brštanik, municipality of Berkovići in Herzegovina region was picked for this purpose.Concession Agreement for extraction of natural stone was signed with the Govement of Republika Srpska in 2012.The land granted under this concession covers an area of 14,88 hectares, and after fulfilling all legal requirements, the extraction of KREMIT stone officially started in 2012.

From its inception to current date, Kremnice Ltd has continued to grow and develop, and in 2014., a Chinese partner entered company structure as the majority shareholder.After this change, company’s production gained momentum and began to shift towards exporting almost its entire yearly production (aprox. 5400 m3 of natural stone blocks, equaling six hundred standard 20’ containers) to China.By keeping pace with the changing global trends in natural stone extraction, Kremnice Ltd has become a forerunner in extraction of natural stone both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

With the current market situation taken into consideration, and the fact that natural stone presents a valuable mineral resource, whose value rises with its processing capabilities , Kremnice Ltd built a natural stone processing plant at the beginning of 2019., and started processing the KREMIT stone on its own.

From the history

Herzegovina stone land There are lands and fields that are remembered for endless fertile arable land, rarely by clear waters or deep forests. More often by the sandy deserts and  the sea islands! Herzegovina is remembered by stone. What is most durable in it is made of stone. Handy flint tools, stone fortifications and towns,…

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